Volume One

In the Dark Ages, the church became virulently anti-Semetic. They “lost the picture” of God’s Plan of the Ages, His story of redemption, which is nowhere portrayed more clearly than in the Feasts of Israel. The result was a twisted view of the Holy Bible and a misconception of the nature of God and His promises. The Reformation restored to the church some of what was lost. The Great Awakenings and Pentecostal Revivals restored more. I hope in this book to restore the rest.

My lengthy introduction re-defines pretty much everything we have ever been taught about the Word of God, except I stick to what the authoritative Word of God says rather than the traditions we have received. Some of my new definitions are obvious; some will be controversial, such as the ultimate reconciliation of even the wicked after their penalty for sin has been paid and their evil natures destroyed in the fires of hell.

I chase a lot of rabbits. I tell the story of the Catastrophic Era. I slam Evolution and the Pre-Trib Rapture heresy. My goal is to present the Old Covenant in all its purity as the foundation for the New.

Volumes Two – Five

Many have tried to tell the story of the Bible, for it is worth re-telling. But no one before me has attempted to tell the entire story, integrating history and chronology, legend, and ancient Talmudic tradition. It is a daunting task, and it truly put the fear of God in me as I attempted to “fill in all the blanks” in the Biblical narrative. Yet, 14 years and 25,000+ hours later, here it is. (Though I did skip the church age, of which much has already been written, and jumped directly from Acts chapter two to the Book of Revelation.)

This is an adult work. Some of mankind’s descent into depravity cannot be sanitized. I tell it from many perspectives, including God (who is “the One Who Laughs”) and Satan (who hardens his heart and just can’t seem to learn wisdom). In the process, I do my best to reveal the nature and character of God and to unveil the wisdom of His Plan of the Ages. Though it can be mind-blowing at times (especially near the end of the ages) yet I trust it will be educational as well as delightful for the truth seeker and lover of wisdom.

A sequel to The Feasts of Israel, which provides the theological/historical background to understand the rather surprising conditions faced by the ancients. There are five volumes total.