Author's Statement of Faith

Just so you don’t think I’m some weird off-the-wall kook out to make a buck on a racy novel, here is a brief statement of my faith. This is what I really believe:

God is Spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable in His being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, mercy, love, and truth. There is only one God, but He has revealed Himself to us as trinity: the Eternal Father YHWH, Yashua (Jesus Christ) His Son, and His Holy Spirit, one in essence and glory, three in function.

Man’s chief purpose in life is to please and glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Since Adam’s fall, man has been utterly bound in sin, unable to please God, devoted to destruction. He cannot save himself and has no hope unless God redeems him. Our sin nature totally blinds us to God, who alone can open our eyes.

Yashua is the Word of YHWH the Eternal Father, the full expression of God into this time / space realm. He has always been fully God. He became fully man at the incarnation, born of the virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit. Animal sacrifices in the Old Covenant pointed to the perfect sinless sacrifice of Yashua on the Roman cross, which paid the penalty for the sins of all who believe and receive Him. His sacrifice is totally sufficient, once for all time, for all the sins of mankind. No other sacrifices are required in the New Covenant. After His death and punishment for our sins in hell, Yashua was resurrected by the Father. He ever lives to intercede for us, for He is the only mediator between us and the Eternal Father YHWH.

All who will not believe and receive the perfect sacrifice of Yashua must pay the full penalty for their own sin, death. This is not primarily death of the body. This is “soul death,” spiritual torment in hell, assigned by God’s perfect justice in strict accord with their own wicked deeds. Salvation is only by faith in Yashua. But God’s punishment has nothing to do with faith; it is always according to deeds.

The Holy Bible, in the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, is the inerrant Word of Almighty God, word-for-word inspired in the original languages. Just as the New Testament rests foursquare on the Old with no conflict, so anything which the Holy Spirit says to any of us must rest foursquare on the Old and New Testaments with no conflict, or it is not of God. God did not stop speaking with the canonization of the Bible, yet He will not, He cannot, contradict Himself. I take every word of Scripture literally unless it is clearly intended to be otherwise.


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