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If you wish to read on line (the single column eBook version)  or download to your computer The Feasts of Israel – God’s Plan of the Ages, just click on the appropriate button. There is no charge. NOTE: All files have recently been updated as of February 2020. I believe this will be the final revision.

READ | DOWNLOAD |  Volume One – The Feasts of Israel
READ | DOWNLOAD |  Volume Two – God’s Plan of the Ages – Beginning of Time through Moses

READ | DOWNLOAD |  Volume Three – God’s Plan of the Ages – Joshua through King Jotham

READ | DOWNLOAD |  Volume Four – God’s Plan of the Ages – King Ahaz to Messiah

READ | DOWNLOAD |  Volume Five – God’s Plan of the Ages – Messiah through the End of Time
I’ve also included some earlier works I’ve written (or co-authored),
READ | DOWNLOAD The Seven Spirits of God   (no eBook version)
READ | DOWNLOADThe Gospel of the Kingdom   (no eBook version)
READ | DOWNLOADSeek First the Kingdom   (eBook version only)
READ | DOWNLOADThe Day I Bought the Farm   (eBook version only)

 Bear in mind that these are copyrighted works. I do not charge for reading them on-line or downloading them for your personal use, nor do I charge if you want to make copies and give them to your friends, but you may not publish them for the general public or sell them for a profit.