Nathaniel Santa Cruz – My Illustrator

sample of nates work Click the picture above to zoom

Nate is a young aspiring graphic artist. While still in college, he has already put out some impressive works of computer graphics, T-Shirt art, and fine art drawings. He has a fervent faith, and an intense desire to please the Lord Jesus in all he does. He loves beauty, truth, and justice, and has a good eye (and a good heart) for each. He has served me in redrawing all my maps, my “Seven Levels of Heaven / Hell” chart, and my Ark of the Covenant drawing on his computer to make them more legible.

The sample of his work that you see here was just a map Nate drew for me, which he then colorized and antiqued. I am astounded that he could so easily make a plain old map look so beautiful!

Nate also loves history. He was intrigued when I explained how my story corrects our common misunderstandings of the past. After reading portions of my book, Nate got very excited about being involved in such a work. From the first, he told his friends and got them also interested in reading my book.

As this book goes to print, Nate has graduated and gone off to serve our country in the United States Marine Corps. May God protect him and bring him home safe.

I can see God’s hand in leading me to Nate Santa Cruz and his friends. I trust that God will continue to lead each step of our paths, and will guard His work through us so that it becomes a blessing to each of you, my dear Readers.