The Feasts of Israel – God's Plan of the Ages

God is infinite. I am very limited. God has all wisdom and knowledge. I am just a learner. God’s Word is Truth. I make mistakes. I define a mistake as anything at all that does not line up under the authoritative and inerrant Holy Bible, the written Word of God. It is a fearful task I have undertaken, trying to ‘rewrite’ the entire story of the Bible, while knowing of a certainty that I will introduce errors into the Holy Word of God. I am deeply sorry for them, and I apologize in advance.

On the other hand, there are many things in this study that do not line up with current religious and theological interpretations according to the doctrines of churchmen. I do not apologize for this; rather, it is intentional. My goal here is to question all the doctrines which we have received from our forefathers – not necessarily to reject them, but at least to evaluate whether they are actually Scriptural! In too many places I have found that the Reformation did not go far enough. Doctrines we hold dear are actually perversions from the early Catholic church. From the first, they deliberately twisted and paganized every Scriptural truth which could have set ‘their’ people free to walk with God by His Spirit, resulting in the ‘Dark Ages.’ Intentionally sacrificing truth for power and control, they kept the Scriptures from the common people and tortured and killed those who continued to insist upon truth. I consider myself a Protestant, and I vigorously protest any mixture of The Holy with the pagan and the profane.

‘Our fathers have inherited nothing but lies…’” (Jer 16:19) …many lies. Lies about the nature and character of God and Jesus; lies about the nature of the Holy Word of God; lies about the nature of heaven and hell, time and eternity, and even our own created purpose in life. These lies have cost us, dearly, to the point where some even refuse to study the ‘Old’ Testament, preferring the God of lovingkindness and mercy of the ‘New’ Testament as if He were a different God!

This study is not an exegesis of the Word of God. Good pastors use exegesis to bring out what is hidden within the Word, so that all may partake of its treasures. They limit themselves to what is actually there, correctly believing that God has put there all we need for salvation. But my study is an eisegesis. That means that I am reading into the Word things that are not there, things from history, from archeology, astronomy and other sciences, from legend, from ancient Jewish Talmudic tradition as recorded in their ‘Midrashim,’ and from pure speculation. Though I have bathed it in prayer and do my best to make sure it does not contradict the inerrant Word of God, this still makes it a work of fiction, a ‘hypothesis,’ if you will.


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