Man’s translations, punctuation, verse and chapter divisions, paraphrases, and interpretations of the Holy Scriptures are not necessarily inspired. Wherever they make the Bible to contradict itself, they are demonstrably uninspired.

The Holy Bible is clouded to those who will not believe. It is clearly understood only by the illumination of the Holy Spirit. The proud can read it, pray, and still get nothing from God. The humble repentant heart that is seeking God cannot read the Scripture without getting something from God, for His Holy Word, even with no other human intervention, is totally sufficient for man’s salvation and redemption.

God’s Holy Spirit is sent to live within the soul of each Believer to: convict of sin and encourage righteousness; lead us into all truth; glorify Yashua in us; assure us of our salvation and eternal destiny; and inspire us to live as Yashua lived, in obedience to the Eternal Father and in harmony with God’s laws. Only those who are being led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.

God’s purpose in creating the universe is not to save us from sin! That is just a detour. His purpose is to form, mature, and perfect a many-membered Bride for Himself, and to ultimately bring her (and many others) back to the Father in eternity.

God never fails in all His plans and purposes. Ultimately all in heaven and earth shall see the glorious perfection of His Plan of the Ages. When they do, they will bow in willing submission to Him. Yashua, the only way to the Eternal Father, will then banish all rule, authority, and power among mankind, and will turn over His Kingdom to the Father, that He may be all in all. Thus the many-membered Bride, finally perfected in unity with Christ, will return with Him and with His uncountable multitude of brothers and servants back to the Father in eternity.

God is eternal. The spirit He fathered in each of us, created in His image, is likewise eternal. However, the world, heaven, hell, and nearly everything we know are temporal, with a beginning and an end. Even the Holy Bible and the Kingdom of God are temporal. Yashua is the only way from the temporal back to the eternal.


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