Satan, the Adversary, is leading the Great Controversy against God, claiming that his own ways of self-serving deception and force are somehow better than (or at least equal to) God’s ways of self-giving love. Satan has already lost. At the end of the ages he, together with everything he “fathered” and all who followed in his rebellion, will be destroyed in the lake of fire. Finally death and hell will also be destroyed, once every penalty for every sin has been paid and every work of Satan has been destroyed. Ultimately only that which God “fathered” will remain in the Universe. Then all shall see that everything Satan did, indeed everything anyone did, only worked out according to God’s perfect plan which He purposed in Christ from the dawn of time.

God is awesome. To know Him is to fear Him, and fear to cross Him! Yet He does not want us to be afraid of Him, but rather to draw near to Him, to develop a love relationship with Him, so that He can live His life boldly in and through us. He actually wants us to live like Yashua did, always led by the Holy Spirit to find and do the Father’s will, thus allowing His power and authority to work through us. Thus the fear of God is the most beautiful, awesome, joyful experience, for in the fear of God we trust, even rest, in His awesome greatness and His infinite love. Those who develop a proper fear of God do not fear man, or nature, or even Satan or demons, for they are all under God’s awesome authority and power. His children can simply walk by His Spirit and do His will, trusting Him for the results.

That is what I’ve tried to do throughout my story. In some cases I believe I’ve succeeded, as I stare in awe at what I can hardly believe I have written. To God be the glory forever for all that He has accomplished through me. In other places I see something that is muddled or unclear. It doesn’t ring with the purity of the Spirit of God in and through me. It is clearly a mixture of the holy with the profane. Though I write with authority as if I know all truth, yet I tremble in my boots, in fear that my own deceitful heart may have somehow misled me. I wrestle with it, but I am just a man. I do not yet have all wisdom and knowledge. I may have somehow accepted a lie somewhere, whether in my interpretation of Scripture, my knowledge or my research of history, or even just my own thoughts and desires. I do the best I can, but I finally realize I cannot fix it - not now. Not until God has worked His perfect work in one more area of my life. Perhaps that part, dear Reader, remains for you to help me clarify, for we need one another. At the very least, I realize that in showing me my weakness, God is keeping me humble, so that He can continue to use me.

So please, dear Reader, enjoy my story, giving praise to God for the good parts and forgiving my weaknesses. I hope and pray that God will use this to complete the Reformation that He began with John Wycliffe and Martin Luther, and prepare the way for the soon returning of Jesus Christ, Yashua haMashiach, for His Bride.


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