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In 1984 the Lord led us to leave Maranatha Chapel. A pastor and his lovely family came to live next to us, and we were led to support his new ministry at a nearby Baptist church. He was on fire for God and filled with love for the Holy Scriptures and all that God was doing to bring revival to the little congregation there. This was an exciting time, as we prayed, encouraged, and saw them growing in every way. For the first time, this little congregation was seeing God working in a personal and powerful way in their midst. God had His church back!

Sadly, the elders there weren’t willing to give it up. They first threw me out, for believing in the gifts of the Spirit and suggesting that someone with a sick grandchild should go to the elders to ask for prayer for healing in accord with James 5:14-15. (They told me that miracles had passed away with the first century apostles; now we have doctors instead.) Later they threw out our pastor, too. Within a year, that church was gone. They disbanded and sold the building to another congregation.

In 1988 I left Boeing for a homeschooling tour of the country with my family. But instead of returning after the trip was over, the Lord told me to “work for Him.” I began writing nearly full time. The Lord always provided enough other jobs to pay the bills, such as some computer consulting, editing, and book publishing, and a part time job with Provident Electric, developing a computerized estimating system.

My next major work was The Gospel of the Kingdom. It is a delightful little childlike primer portraying a young Christian just sitting at the feet of Jesus asking questions, and recording His answers. After that, I spent a year compiling, editing, rewriting, and publishing Brother J. Preston Eby’s Kingdom Bible Study series on The Seven Spirits of God, a wonderfully deep and profound series of sermons in End-Time Revelation.

For a year or two we had church at home with a group of like-minded friends. It was good, and profitable for all, but I had a young family, and my kids needed the interaction of a regular congregation. We began visiting all the churches in the area and made it a family project to pray together about each one. The Lord led us to a Southern Baptist church, where we have remained since about 1992. Not surprisingly, our pastor friend and his family joined there too after being thrown out of the other church. It was pretty small back then, but it has since grown into a vibrant, loving congregation, eager to hear and do God’s will in the community.  While there I wrote a booklet on health (and actually taught an adult class on health) and another on the Kingdom of God (again, teaching an adult class on it).


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