God’s Plan of the Ages – An Historical Fiction Epic

These four volumes are written as historical fiction, to tell the story of the Bible as if we were there with the Creator throughout all the ages of time. The perspective can become a bit confusing at times, as you must bounce back and forth between heavenly and earthly realms, and even into hell itself, to get the whole picture. This story is also exceedingly controversial, for which I do not apologize one bit. Though I am well grounded in the traditional doctrines of the church, I did not start there. Instead I started by asking, “What does the Word of God (which is inerrant in its original languages) actually say?” I used that as the foundation for my story, even though it is at times surprisingly different from what is usually preached.

The result is a remarkably fresh and radically new interpretation of the Word of God. I discovered that the traditional Bible story held many conflicts, and no one has ever really thought through the entire story before to discover those conflicts. Believing as I do that the Word of God is inerrant (because God is the author and there are no conflicts in Him) I wrestled with these discrepancies until I arrived at new ways of interpreting Scripture which (I believe) better resolves them. Yes, the result is controversial, but no more so than teaching traditional doctrines of the church which contradict the clear words of Scripture!

I don’t claim to be God, nor to have a corner on His Truth. Some of my conflict resolutions could be wrong. I think this is the best interpretation of Scripture that anyone has come up with so far, and I always pray and hope to be “inspired,” but I know it still could be improved upon. I would enjoy a few good debates with some who perhaps know the Scriptures better than I, and can point out where I have failed to line up my story foursquare on the authoritative Word of God.

However, be careful before offering to debate me! We’ve been lied to, you and I. We’ve inherited doctrines from the Catholic church of the Dark Ages which the Protestants of the Reformation never successfully protested, and they tend to color our thinking. The Catholic church is somewhat more Biblical now, but in the Dark Ages their goal was not truth; it was power and control. They deliberately tried to hide the simple truth of the gospel from their people. Some of that truth has been restored. I am trying to take a giant step forward here and restore the rest, all of it, in one story.

This is actually a five volume, 1550 page work, though the story itself is only the four volumes of God’s Plan of the Ages. Volume One is a Bible study titled, The Feasts of Israel. I wrote it first, to clarify the doctrines of the Scriptures that the church messed up so badly when they turned virulently anti-Semetic after the time of Constantine. You cannot hate the Jews and still be a Christian! We have a “Jewish” Messiah and must be adopted into the Family of Israel to be saved. Once I wrote The Feasts of Israel, I found that it changes the whole story of the Gospel! That is when I knew I needed to rewrite the Bible story, leaving out all the perversions from the Dark Ages to just tell it like the Bible says.


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