So my story may be provocative. It may make you think. You may be delighted or angry with me, or even awed at how it all really fits together. I’ve tried to make it entertaining as well as educational. But most of you will probably not understand it completely until you also read The Feasts of Israel and rediscover the doctrines behind it – doctrines which the leaders of the first century church understood, but which were almost completely lost during the Dark Ages and only partly recovered by the Protestant Reformation and the Great Awakenings.

Darwin’s theory of Evolution of the Species is not just a side issue with me. With its need for billions of years of stability on a placid planet, it is the single most destructive lie ever successfully foisted upon any people. So I counter with a major study on the catastrophic nature of the Bible story, at least up until the times of King Hezekiah. My story of these cataclysms is carefully thought out, but it still involves a lot of guesswork and will probably cause even more controversy. So be it.

I have fun with my story; I hope you do too. I make up characters where I need them, and sometimes you may not realize they are made up until you try to find them in the Bible. (Though I’ll often give them modern names as a clue.) Some of my made-up characters are even among our animal friends, such as the great red dragons. I probably use animals more than I ought, as I love them and hope to find them in heaven someday. But most of my made up characters are wives of the great men of old, whom I have named and given places of honor along with their husbands. I love being married, and can hardly conceive of a man becoming great without a great wife supporting him. So here’s to my beloved wife of 40+ years!

The Bible tells a true historical story. Any historical fiction writer must at least attempt to line up his story with actual history, and I am no exception. At first, nothing lined up, so I continued juggling my chronology until it did. Then suddenly, everything lined up! Dramatically so! Dates and events fell into place, often with startling relationships between secular history and the Bible story. I have probably spent more time on secular history than I ought, just because once everything lined up it was so fun exploring the historical settings of the Bible.

This is an adult work. I use big words, huge paragraphs, complex thoughts, run-on sentences, and way too many adjectives and adverbs. If you have been raised on that pathetic “fund raiser letter” English (one-sentence paragraphs using a fourth grade vocabulary) you will have trouble with my story. I also tell details that should be left out of a children’s book, with violence, depravity, and sexuality that a child should not have to bear, as well as deeper doctrines of the faith that go far beyond a child’s understanding. I’m in good company; so does the Bible. So do not be shocked when I say the same things that the Bible says, except say it in such a way that it seems to jump out and slap you. Sometimes I think we all need our faces slapped once in a while to wake up and see what the Bible really says.


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