Though most of my story is laid out pretty much as it appears in Scripture, the last half of Volume Five is radically different. The story of the End Times is not really laid out in Scripture, so I just let my imagination run free and wild. I trust it still lines up with the inerrant Word of God, but the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah, the Apostles John and Peter, and others are too vast and far-reaching to distill down into a simple well-defined story. So I closed my Bible and just started writing, trusting the Holy Spirit to guide me and to remind me of these many prophecies whenever they came up. I am awed at what came out! Though clearly fiction, yet it seems (to me) to line up with Scriptural prophecies of the End Times and the ages to come better than anything else I’ve seen.

 Yet I am human. I know there are mistakes. I challenge you, dear Reader, to find them and get back to me. This is still a “work-in-progress,” and I will be delighted to correct anything where you can show me a Scripture that I have violated.

 But to do that, you need to read it. Please don’t just listen to some religious leader’s rant on how stupid and heretical I am. Don’t forget, they have a kingdom to protect, and their kingdom just may be more from tradition than from Scripture. Read it yourself, in prayer that the Holy Spirit Himself will show you what is true and where I have missed it.

In the process, I believe you’ll discover the Good News of the Kingdom of God as revealed throughout the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments. This is ”God‘s Plan of the Ages,“ and it‘s a mighty big plan, far, far bigger than we‘ve been told. The Gospel has always been above and beyond anything we could ever ask or imagine.  In a nutshell (if such stupendous news can fit into a nutshell) it is this. Almighty God is our Father, of whom the best earthly father is only a dim picture. Father God in Christ Jesus made us all, every single one. He loves us all, with a love far beyond our comprehension. In His love He violently hates our sin, for He knows it will destroy us. But He will neither force us nor block us from our own foolish choices, for He wants, not robots, but sons in His image who choose to love Him unconditionally as He loves us.

Instead, He allows us to choose, the narrow way or the broad way or any way in between, and lovingly grants us the consequences of our choices, even if it means discipline and suffering. Hopefully we learn wisdom to eventually choose Him and His ways. But if not, He still will not force us, but rather lovingly grants us a just punishment in hell for every evil deed strictly according to His Law, until that bent evil nature is destroyed in the lake of fire. Then, once again (for He is merciful and longsuffering, and His infinite grace endures forever) God offers us the opportunity to choose, in full knowledge of the consequences of our choices. After a time in hell, it’s pretty certain that some wisdom will emerge!


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