Sunday is the Christian Sabbath The seventh day is the Sabbath unto YHWH
Good Friday celebrates Christ’s death Passover celebrates Christ’s death (specifically the Passover bread and wine)
Easter Sunday celebrates His resurrection Feast of Firstfruits celebrates His resurrection (Jesus is the firstfruits from the dead)
There are only about 48 hours between His death and His resurrection Jesus was in the grave a full three days and three nights – 72 hours
The Feasts of Israel are passed away The Feasts of Israel are perpetual statutes
Christmas celebrates Jesus’ birth No such celebration exists in Scripture. Jesus was probably born in late October
The Christmas tree honors Jesus’ birth The Christmas tree is condemned as a delusion in Scripture (Jer 10:3-6)
The six days of Creation must have been very long ages, to allow for evolution Each day of Creation involved only one evening and one morning
The stars must have been created millions of years ago for their light to reach Earth The stars were created on the fourth day
God created the sun and the moon God created two great luminaries (suns) to rule the day and the night
God created both Adam and Eve on the sixth day There seems to be a long time before God made Eve, during which Adam named the animals
The dinosaurs all died off long before man came on the scene Death came into the world because of man’s sin
The flood must have been local. Not enough water exists for a worldwide flood All the high mountains everywhere under the heavens were covered with water
The orbits of the planets have always been pretty much as they are now The ancients greatly feared close passes of the planets. That’s why they worshipped them
We are now living in the “last days” The first century church also believed they were living in the “last days”
We will be raptured up to heaven before any serious tribulation begins Jesus will come and gather His elect after the greatest tribulation since the world began
The wicked will be judged Everyone will be judged for his deeds, whether good or evil
Unbelievers are judged for their lack of faith in Jesus We are saved by grace through a faith not of ourselves - it is all the gift of God
All who confess Jesus before they die go to heaven; all the rest go to hell In Jesus’ parable of the sheep and the goats (Matt 25:37-40) the opposite seems to be true
All who don’t get “saved” by believing in Jesus before they die get sent to hell All who did not commit the “unforgivable sin” will be forgiven and redeemed
The “unforgivable sin” is not believing in Jesus before you die The “unforgivable sin” is believing Jesus but rejecting His call, thus blaspheming His Spirit
Eternity is a very, very long time Eternity is the dwelling place of Father God. It is always right now, for He is the “I AM”
Eternal life is living a very, very long time Eternal life is knowing the only true God, and having a love relationship with His Son Jesus
Eternal life and eternal torment are used in the same verse. They both must be forever As in Adam all die, so also in Christ all shall be made alive. Both “alls” seem to be all inclusive

As you can see from the chart above, there seems to be significant discrepancies from what most Christians believe and what Scripture actually says. I know, there are Scripture justifications for some of the beliefs on the left, too. That is the problem! There seems to be some major contradictions in Scripture!


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