Evolution? or Creation?

Throughout this book I come down pretty hard on the evolutionist and do my best to reinforce the doctrine of Creation as laid out in the Bible. Why? And what difference does it make? Who cares what happened so many thousands (or billions) of years ago? Can’t an evolutionist be just as good a person today as a Creationist?

No, he cannot. The belief in Creation by a transcendent and almighty God is essential for survival of mankind. No matter how moral and upright an evolutionist is, his faith is damaging to himself and those around him, and if left unchallenged and allowed to proceed to its inescapable conclusion, will be responsible for the destruction of Western Civilization and our descent into either tyranny, or anarchy and chaos.

Now that’s a pretty dogmatic statement. I better have something to back it up! And I do. The logic is really quite airtight, once you stop to think about it.

1.   The theory of evolution directly conflicts with at least one part of Scripture.
2.   Two directly conflicting items cannot both be true.
3.   Therefore, if Scripture is true, the theory of evolution is false.

That part was pretty easy. But what about those who believe that the Bible is mostly true, but God flubbed it a bit on the science aspect, since He was talking to primitive savages who couldn’t understand the complexities of modern science?

1.   The Scripture claims to be God-breathed, inspired by God’s Holy Spirit.
2.   The Scripture also claims that God is all knowing, all-wise, and cannot lie.
3.   Therefore, if even one Scripture passage is untrue, then God has contradicted Himself. He is thus        exposed as a fraud, and none of Scripture can be trusted.

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