Heaven and Hell – Where are they?

Most people have never even thought about this question, or if they have, it’s with a resigned, “Who cares? Once you’re there, you’re stuck, so the only thing that matters is which one you’re stuck in!”

But if you read my essay on Ultimate Reconciliation, you’ll know that I don’t believe that. The created realms are far more complex than this brief time of testing on Earth followed by either a boring eternity in heaven sitting on a cloud bowed before God’s throne plucking a harp and singing His praises or a terrifying eternity writhing in torment in the fires of hell.

My book goes into detail on the nature of heaven and hell, but I wanted to give you a brief taste of it here to whet your appetite.

First, Adam and Eve lived in heaven, in the Garden of Eden before the Fall. Yes, their physical bodies were on Earth, but their spirits were alive to God, and dwelt with Him in heavenly places even while on Earth.

But with the first sin, their spirits died, and they no longer had easy access to heavenly realms. Oh, they could still go there, but only by faith through the blood sacrifice of the lamb, and then only dimly. It was a tough go for a while. Fond memories of walking and talking with their Creator in the cool breezes of the day were replaced by harsh realities of trying to make a living on an Earth cursed by sin. It wasn’t until Seth’s son Enosh that men discovered how to pray! (Gen 4:26)

So, heaven is not “away up there somewhere.” It is right here and right now, if only we will pause and take a deep breath of it. The only problem is that in order to perceive it we must first have our spirit “quickened” (made alive) by the Holy Spirit. (Eph 2:1-6; Col 2:13)


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