But real people can see how quickly things decay if left out in the sun and rain. It seems like only a few years before ‘nature’ takes over, bringing our finest works down to the dust. That Second Law of Thermodynamics is at work, slowly but inexorably bringing decay, destruction, and chaos. Even a thousand years is a long time! Not much that man has made can last that long. We have almost no evidence of the advanced cultures from before the Flood. That Second Law is validated constantly before our eyes. Yet in the evolutionist’s mind it was suspended, even reversed, for billions of years while the universe organized itself from a ‘Big Bang’ and all its resulting chaos into the beautiful, intricately designed and marvelously well-balanced structure we see all around us. And this is science?

No, it isn’t. It is religion. It is faith. It is blinding hatred of God and His Laws – a desperate attempt to explain Him away. I submit to you that it takes a whole lot more faith to believe in those billions of years of benign stability to our solar system, than it does to just believe in the God who exists outside our time / space realm and who carefully, lovingly designed and created all the beauty that we see.

Here is the true ‘scientific method.’ Look at all the evidence of both physical and spirit realms. Find a hypothesis that best fits it, as I have done. Then work with it. If my hypothesis breaks down, come up with a better one, that fits all the evidence, as truth always will. You will discover that God and science, honest science, aren’t incompatible at all.

The evolutionist claims to have science in his favor, but it is a lie. True science is observable and repeatable. If you can’t test it and verify it, then it isn’t science, it is faith. Here are a few true scientific principles which the evolutionist cannot accept:

1. The Law of Biogenesis, which affirms that life can never come from non-life. That is obvious, and is becoming more obvious as we learn the awesome complexity of life. But evolutionists must deny it.

2. The First Law of Thermodynamics, which is the conservation of matter/energy. With no God to start it all off, the evolutionist has no way to explain where the matter/energy came from to start their ‘Big Bang.’ Or has the ‘Big Bang’ become their god, creating something out of nothing?!


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