Space plasma, ether, is spread unevenly throughout the solar system. Again, this imposes a slight drag on planetary motion. It is conductive, draining the electrostatic charges on planetary bodies, and resulting in lightning bolts if the charge gets too high.

One final force that few consider today is due to the interaction of a planet’s magnetic field with the magnetosphere of the sun, which extends out past all the planets (at least it did - it’s been shrinking). This “generating effect” tends to add to a planet’s electrostatic charge. As expected, it comes with a cost – again, it puts a drag on each planet. This drag was significant in the past when planetary magnetic fields were much higher. It was a major factor in orbital decay during the catastrophic era. With each close pass of Mars, Earth’s magnetic field was recharged up to about 30,000 gauss at the equator. But with no recharging it exponentially decayed, and is now down to about half a gauss.

If the God-hating ‘scientists’ actually understood and calculated the decay of all these forces, they would know that the billions of years of planetary stability required for their evolutionary hypothesis are laughably impossible. At our current rate of decay, the system could not have been stable for more than a few tens of thousands of years, and even that is only due to the amazing ‘coincidence’ that some of these decay effects cancel.

These various decays do not precisely cancel, but remarkably enough, for the past 3500 years they have come close, thankfully for our survival on earth. The slight slowing of our orbital speed has roughly matched decreases in gravitation, coulomb interaction, magnetic fields, and solar heat, thus keeping our earth at the precise distance from Sol necessary for life. This is not a ‘lucky chance.’ If you were to compute the probabilities of the earth achieving and remaining in an orbit so precisely balanced for our comfort over all these years, it would prove many orders of magnitude beyond the realm of ‘luck’ or ‘chance.’ This is a ‘God thing.’ If our orbital decay had not been matched by an equivalent decrease in solar heat, magnetic fields, and gravitation/electrostatic attraction, we would have already fried and spiraled into the sun.


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