God did not create it this way. In the beginning it was all ‘very good.’ The strong coulomb interaction was the primary force holding the system together. The solar winds were balanced between the blue-hot Nyx and the cooler but far more massive yellow-hot Sol, and thus cancelled. There was no space plasma and thus no leakage of the electrostatic charges between the two suns and the earth. Space was a perfect vacuum, a perfect insulator; there was no space dust or debris. Though Sol’s magnetic field was huge, Earth was much farther away and its magnetic field had never been charged by a passing planet, so generating effects were nil. Thus there was no drag; no orbital decay. It was perfect, and could have remained stable for millions of years.

But at the Fall, roughly ten thousand years ago, Nyx went nova. The explosion filled ‘inner space’ with what we call space plasma, or ether, which is slightly conductive. It also filled it with space debris and many billions of planetary bodies, mostly small such as meteoroids, asteroids, and moons. They were all on elliptical orbits, mostly unstable and many threatening Earth. This appendix is my attempt to explain how that catastrophic system has changed to the benign system we now enjoy.

First consider any large body on a catastrophic orbit. As it passes any other large body, there are gravitational stresses which cause earthquakes and rearrange the landscape, with significant heating effects. Eventually these heating effects cause even a frozen planet to become molten so that it forms into a smooth ball. There are also electrostatic and magnetic charging effects, adding to the heating.

Second consider bands or spheres of influence of a large body; all 3 forces (gravitational, electrostatic, and magnetic) can attract smaller bodies to become moons or into collision, effectually clearing out a wide swath of space on either side of a planetary orbit; the more massive the planet, the wider the clear swath. The four gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) together have over 60 moons, and have cleared most of the debris from the breakup of Nyx out of our outer solar system.


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