The most recent and well-known resonance came after the Exodus. The Venus / Mercury binary was resonant for many years, in a precise 50 year ‘Jubilee’ cycle. Venus / Mercury was in a lopsided elliptical orbit inside Earth‘s orbit, where it had a barely stable 8:5 relationship with Earth. It came within 4 to 10 million miles for 4 to 5 months every 5 years, slowing to the same speed as Earth when farthest from the sun. It came even closer (within a million miles) each Jubilee. This was a complex orbit, wobbling back and forth (under the influences of the other planets) in a 150 year pattern, so that its 50 year Jubilee close flybys occurred at different times of the year. The pattern began with the first Jubilee pass (at the Exodus in 1451 BC), just before the regular Mars encounter in March. The second Jubilee pass was 50 years later in June, when Mars was far from Earth. 50 years after that, the third Jubilee pass was in October of the prior year, 2 years before the October flyby of Mars on its 30 year cycle. This sequence repeated until 701 BC.

The reason this becomes significant is that we know these Jubilee cycles affected the regular Mars catastrophes. On the first Jubilee, Mars was pulled away a bit, so its March pass rarely caused much damage other than high tides. And on that famous third Jubilee, Mars was pulled away a lot, so much that the normally disastrous pass of Mars (2 years later) became joyfully benign. So the Jubilee cycles became known more for their deliverance from Mars than for ’setting the captives free‘ as God intended.

My hypothesis is that Venus, on its 50 year cycle of close passes, was pulled by Earth very close to the ecliptic plane by about 752 BC. As both Venus and Mars were regularly coming close to Earth, they were bound to interact with each other. Venus and Mars had a big battle on October 30, 752 BC, in which Eris, a moon of Mars, was nearly pulled away. It collided with Earth at Italy at the next close pass of Mars on October 21, 750 BC. From then on, Venus began interacting with Mars every ten years, each threatening to tear the other out of resonance.

On March 1, 701 BC when Venus was near Earth (a ’first Jubilee’), Mars and Venus had a very close encounter. Venus and Mercury bent the orbit of Mars back the wrong way. Instead of crossing Earth‘s orbit well before Earth got there, it actually crossed just after Earth had passed. This threw all four planets into more-circular orbits, ultimately destroying the entire resonant system.


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