3. The Second Law of Thermodynamics, which says that entropy (tendency toward chaos) is always increasing. The evolutionist must of course reverse this law and claim that chaos tends toward higher and higher complexity due to ‘natural selection.’ So tell me, how does ‘natural selection’ add any useful new information into the genetic code? Anyone knows that a good program requires a good programmer!

4. The Law of Truth Logic, which states that for anything to be true, it must harmonize known facts. Until all known facts are duly harmonized scientists call it a hypothesis, open to discussion. The theory of evolution is still such a hypothesis, as there are many basic facts which conflict with it, and more are being brought up every day. Yet the evolutionist rejects this law and claims dogmatically that the subject is closed and evolution has been proven.

This all may sound like I despise the evolutionist but that is not true. I love evolutionists, and I will happily debate them – after all, I have more facts on my side! I firmly believe that God loves them too, and that one day they also will bow before Him to acknowledge that His ways are righteous and true altogether, to the glory of the eternal Father. But I just find it rather sad that all these well-educated, brilliant ‘scientists’ are depriving themselves of lives with meaning and hope, are leading others astray, and are destined to be servants in God’s kingdom rather than the leaders He would like them to be.

I know, I can’t prove God, though He certainly can prove Himself to you if you will just ask Him. But if the evolutionist would only open his eyes to the greatness, the vastness, of the Creation and acknowledge that it is much bigger than the tiny realm of observational physical phenomena he plays with every day, maybe he could stop fighting against God. If his faith starts by denying the existence of God, of course all his conclusions will be biased. But if your faith accepts the possibility that ‘God created,’ then everything begins to fit together. Just don’t try to tell me you don’t have any faith! This book was written to encourage the faith of all those with open minds and hearts hungry for truth.


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