Earth slowed down. Mercury was yanked away from Venus and sent on its own wildly excentric solar orbit. Venus ended up a bit further from the ecliptic plane. Mars and Venus both speeded up. They never crossed Earth’s orbit again, so that they all dropped out of resonance. No one knows if this is also the time that Saturn stopped ‘keeping time’ and Jupiter stopped threatening Earth, but I’m guessing that the entire resonant system unraveled and all the planets were released to form more-circular orbits. Within ten years they had stabilized in orbits very similar to what they are today. In essence, with Mars, Venus, and Earth no longer making close passes, their magnetic and static forces diminished to the point where resonant forces could no longer overcome solar wind and other drag forces; gravity alone is an insufficient force to maintain resonance. All the planets today are out of sync with Earth, and we are slowly spiraling into the sun.

I readily admit this is an unproven and possibly improvable hypothesis. But it does seem to fit all the known facts, the Scriptures, and many of the legends of ancient cultures. I find it a ‘satisfying’ explanation of the fearful worship of the planets in which we know all ancient cultures indulged. It explains the Roman Saturnalia, the Greek battles between the gods, the basis for astrology, even the naming of many things according to the names of the planets and their moons. With this hypothesis, many things fit into place which otherwise were total mysteries.

However, I know God-haters will rant and rave, call me vile names, and tell everyone how ignorant and stupid I am. (I’m OK with that. I just consider the source and chuckle quietly to myself.) But the one thing they will never do, is to look carefully at my hypothesis, tell me where it is wrong, and come up with a better analysis. That is because they don’t have a better analysis. At all costs they must keep these issues out of the public eye. They cannot deal with these issues on a rational, scientific level, because actually confronting them will destroy their ability to fool you into believing in the multi-billion years of a perfectly stable, benign solar system that is required to give any chance for their spontaneous generation and propagation of life from non-life.

Politicians are interesting creatures. They seem completely unable to differentiate between a million, billion, or trillion dollars when they are spending other people’s money. Evolutionists are the same with time, flinging millions and billions of years around as if they really knew.


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