Now, God could have merely spoken a word or zapped everything with a magic wand to change His perfect creation into the mess we see now, but I don’t think so. The Bible insists that “…His works were finished from the foundation of the world.” (Heb 4:3) He is NOT busy messing up what He created! Of course He is still guiding everything, for He “…upholds all things by the word of His power.” (Heb 1:3), but I believe He used natural means bring about all the changes we see.

Those natural means are hinted at in the Bible, but not described very well. That is not the purpose of the Bible – to describe all the catastrophes that tortured the earth into the rugged, bruised state we see today. The Bible’s purpose is to tell us how much God loves us, and how He gets us out of this mess and restores us to Himself – that it does very well! So to tell the story of the Catastrophic Era, I’m going to have to reach into legends and myths and do some heavy-duty speculation.

The legends are jumbled and conflicting, but there are common threads. One is this: all the ancients are agreed that at one time Earth was tormented by the close passes of other planets, especially Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. The very word ‘disaster’ comes from two words meaning ‘bad star.’ The foolish premise of astrology, that the movements of the planets affect our lives, was not so foolish in those days, when the astrologers predicted when and where the planets would pass near earth and wipe out entire cities. And the wild myths of the Greek gods had their basis in the actual interactions of the planets: Jupiter was Zeus, Saturn was Chronos, Mars was Typhon, Venus was Athena or Aphrodite, Mercury was Hermes, the moon was Phoebe or Artemis, the sun was Apollo, and so on.

Other writers have also approached this subject, with more or less satisfactory results, though no one has tried to put it all together to tell the story from the beginning of time until now. I have read their works and used their ideas and legendary research where it seemed to fit. Now for the first time, here is the entire story of the Catastrophic Era – how it began, the interactions of the planets, and how it ended. It is an important story, for it explains why the Israelites were so quick to fall away from worship of the one true God into idolatry with the Baals.

This forms a big chapter in the first volume of my book, and fits in quite a bit with the other volumes as well. But allow me to briefly summarize it for you here.


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