The next March 21, Mars returns for its outbound flyby. While it is no closer than before, this time for the first time Earth has real “oceans,” five miles deep, covering all the mountains. The resulting tides exceed the gravitational capacity of the Earth. Mars steals about a third of Earth’s water and air, causing the “canals” on Mars and dropping the sea level by about 7000 feet. This flyby further cracks, tips, and bends the plates. We see the result as geologic strata tipped and folded, as the layered mud was still quite soft. All this happened within one year.

The water level continues to go down, as winds carry the moisture up to the poles where it freezes out on the “super cold” ice there. This grows into immense glaciers which cover 2/3 of the planet, causing the “Ice Age.” But it does drop the water level low enough for Noah’s ark to land in the mountains of Ararat.

The Venus/Mercury/Phaeton trinary passes too close to Jupiter, and picks up a lot of its noxious ocean, creating long tails and forming the Caduceus.

The Tower of Babel is destroyed by a close pass of Mars. The people scatter.

Jupiter and Saturn nearly collide. In 2715 BC Saturn again passes too close to Earth. It peels off 2/3 of the Earth’s cracked crust and takes nearly all of our (now salty) liquid water, leaving behind the Pacific Ocean basin. The crust balls up to become our moon. 90% of humanity is wiped out. However, this turns out for good, ending the Ice Age. As the far-reaching glaciers melt in the temperate zone, the melt-waters push the America’s west and Europe/Africa east, and restore our air. The fresh water flows over Central America and into the newly formed Pacific basin. During this time it is actually possible for those sailing too far west to “sail off the edge of the Earth,” as legends tell. Lakes left behind by the melting glaciers burst through surface irregularities to form deep canyons in the still soft stratified mud, as at the Grand Canyon (which forms in a year or so, not millions of years).

The orbits of Jupiter and Saturn are so changed by their encounters that they never again come near Earth. Mars continues to terrorize Earth every 6 years, and cause catastrophes every 30 years. It causes the 7 year famine at the time of Joseph in Egypt. But all the legends agree it was the Venus/Mercury/Phaeton trinary that caused the plagues at the Exodus in 1451 BC. The trinary was outside the plane of the ecliptic, but its orbit decayed to cross that of Earth. Earth drew it closer and nearly into the plane of the ecliptic around 1454 - 1452 BC. Legend tells of a famous  battle in the heavens, in which Earth pulled Phaeton from the trinary and sent it on a collision course towards Earth, impacting just before the Exodus.


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