The Exodus sequence is rather complex. It starts with Phaeton burning up the Sahara and Arabian deserts and colliding with Earth at Bermuda at the time of the “Burning Bush.” Venus/Mercury, now a binary, flies inside Earth’s orbit for several months. It’s two tails become known as the “Rod of Asclepius,” or, in Egypt, the “Horns of Hathor.” The nearness of Venus, and Earth’s passing through its tails and its shadow, causes the ten plagues.

Mars, passing a bit later, causes the ultra-low tides of the Red Sea that allows the Israelites to cross the Gulf of Aqaba into the land of Midian on the seventh day after the Exodus. The Rod of Asclepius becomes Moses‘ bronze snake on a staff and later the symbol for the healing profession.

Many other Biblical stories also involve the close passes of the planets, such as the long day of Joshua, Sisera’s defeat, Gideon’s victory, David’s census, Elijah’s barbecue on Mt. Carmel, and Jonah’s preaching at Nineveh. These Bible stories cannot be properly understood without understanding the Catastrophic Era. The Israelites obstinate fear of the “Baals” (the planetary gods) and their heartbreaking penchant for forsaking the one true God and turning to serve the Baals can only be understood in light of the fearful passes of the planetary gods – the Baals.

OK. What ended the Catastrophic Era? Why do we now have such a benign system with all the planets (except Pluto) on nearly circular orbits?

This is the most complex interaction yet, but it is also the one for which we have the most legendary evidence, making it possible to piece together the story. It occurs at the time of King Hezekiah and the invasion of Israel by Sennacherib’s Assyrian army from Nineveh. It is clearly a close pass of Mars; Mars is described in detail in the legends. Sennacherib knows Mars will be passing overhead on March 1, 701 BC. His astrologers swear that their god will fight for them, both to terrify the Israelites and to break down the walls of Jerusalem.

Well, they’re certainly right about terrifying the Israelites. King Hezekiah is so fearful he has a massive heart attack. Isaiah confirms it is fatal, and tells him to wrap up his earthly affairs. But after his prayer, Isaiah tells him that God will give him 15 more years, to be confirmed by the shadow on his sundial going back 10°.


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