Saturn collides with a smaller planetoid called Hygeia, disrupting its orbit so that it no longer threatens Earth, and adding more wild Asteroids into the mix.

Mars locks into a two year resonant orbit. It becomes exceedingly dangerous. Its three moons (Fear, Terror, and Strife) terrify mankind. Earth’s crust is fatally compromised by a close flyby of Mars. Close passes of Mars are now forming whole mountain ranges and breaking up the crust into the continental plates.

Mars captures another moon, this one an ice moon called Glacis, which came from deep space with Uranus. This ice is roughly -250° F, and very brittle.

October 24, 3450 BC is the next Mars flyby. Glacis shatters. Zillions of ice crystals shower down upon the high vapor barrier protecting Earth, which seeds it and brings it all down as 40 days and nights of rain. But the ice crystals are given a static charge by the generating effects of two magnetic bodies (Earth and Mars) passing so close together. Most of these charged ice shards follow the Van Allen Belts (magnetic lines of force around Earth) down to the poles. They form a “super cold” channel clear down to Earth, quick freezing everything at the poles, including mammoths and saber-tooth tigers. This ice builds up into 5 mile high mountains of ice at the poles. (A little of it remains today. We have found thousands of perfectly frozen animals, some still standing with fresh food in their mouths. Earth is now “warming,” in part because this super-cold “refrigerator” is nearly gone.)

At the same time, the “fountains of the deep” open up due to the breaking apart of the crustal plates. The subterranean ocean bursts out as the plates are tipped and sunk. The combination of the 40 days of icy rain, the hot subterranean ocean spurting up, and the melting mountains of super-cold ice at the poles causes the Flood. No land-dwelling creature can survive, except those Noah has inside his ark. The incredible turbulence of the waters washes everything clean down to the bedrock. The advanced civilization mankind had achieved is totally lost.

Hydrologic sorting lays out the “ages” of geologic strata in many layers of soft mud. Animals are washed together in immense graveyards. Huge coal beds and oil deposits are formed as the luxurious sub-tropical growth covering the earth is all matted together and covered by hot silt. Some of the broken continental plates grounded, making it impossible for the crust to drift freely over Earth’s core as before the flood (though it did move at the times of Joshua and Hezekiah).


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