A lighting bolt from the magneto-head of Mars strikes the area at its point of greatest conductivity – the iron armor of the Assyrians. 185,000 die; the rest return to Nineveh in shame. Later, at the closest approach of Mars, the grounded crust breaks free and skates backward ten degrees due to the electromagnetic forces between the two planets. This has never happened before. Always before, the crust only moved backward during the October (inbound) flyby (as at Joshua’s “long day” on October 24, 1410 BC). It had always moved forward during the March (outbound) flyby. What happened to reverse it this time?

701 BC was on the 50 year Jubilee, when (ever since the Exodus in 1451 BC) the Venus/Mercury binary would pull back Mars to minimize the damage, giving cause for great celebration. But back about 752 BC Venus had begun interacting too closely with Mars, distorting both their orbits. In 701 BC the legendary battles between Mars and the binary reach a climax. Venus pulls little Mars back way too far, actually aiming it on collision course with Earth! No life can survive. But at the last moment, tiny Mercury swings around (remember it is still orbiting Venus) and pulls Mars further, causing it to pass on the wrong side of Earth, for the first time in history. Mercury is the hero! It is known to this day as the healer.

The flybys of the planets had been “resonant.” Electromagnetic, gravitational, and electrostatic forces at each close pass would work to increase the eccentricity of their orbits, recharge their magnetic and static fields, and thus preserve their catastrophic orbits. This locked the planets into orbits that would not permit any relative decay. But now the entire system unravels. When Mars passes on the wrong side, it is pulled into a more circular orbit. Within ten years it is no longer coming anywhere near Earth. Tiny Mercury is hurled off to find its own orbit around Sol. Venus is thrown closer to the sun and a bit further from the ecliptic, and soon it too is no longer coming near Earth (though it still presents the same face to us at each closest approach).

The nature of planetary orbits tends toward the ecliptic and toward greater circularity. And, in spite of the evolutionist’s faith that everything is improving, all orbits are actually decaying as well, due primarily to electromagnetic interference with Sol’s huge magnetosphere. Thank God that Sol is also decaying (getting cooler and smaller, and its magnetic field and solar wind weakening), or we would already have fried and spiraled into the sun! Since 701 BC Earth’s magnetic and electrostatic fields have also been decaying (they’re now about 100 times weaker than in 3450 BC), so that we no longer have much protection from cosmic radiation.


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