We start with two suns in Genesis 1, the greater (Sol) to rule the day, and the lesser (Nyx) to rule the night. Except for the Earth (suspended between the two suns) there are no planets, moons, asteroids, comets, space plasma, or debris. It is a perfect, clean system, and could have lasted for millions of years. This is an “Earth-centric” system – the two suns revolve around the Earth.

With the fall of Adam into sin, Satan is permitted to cause the night sun (Nyx) to go nova. It breaks up into two primary bodies, Titan and Uranus, and numerous smaller planets, asteroids, comets, and space junk. Among the smaller planets are Mars and a trinary, Venus/Mercury/Phaeton. Now it is a “Solar” system.

Mars locks into orbital resonance with Earth on a catastrophic orbit (see my primer on orbital resonance). It crosses Earth’s orbit twice every three years, passing close enough to cause earthquakes and lightning.

Uranus returns from deep space, impacting Titan and breaking up into the four “gas giants,” a smaller Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. All four are on catastrophic orbits, especially Jupiter (12 year orbit) and Saturn (30 year orbit).

Aster collides with Mars, knocking it out of its three-year orbit and showering it with “Asteroids.” Many Asteroids escape, to form the Asteroid Belt.

Saturn showers Earth with ice and snow, creating our first real ocean, called the Tethyan Sea. It is shallow and only fresh water. Saturn is called Chronos the Timekeeper, as its 30 year orbit times the regular catastrophes slamming Earth. Jupiter adds to the carnage with lightning bolts from its huge magnetic field.

These catastrophes crack the Earth’s crust with increasing severity. Note that the crust was “founded upon the seas” (Ps 24:2), meaning the strong, flexible crust was continuous, “floating,” drifting slowly over a world-wide subterranean ocean. Now, a section of crust sinks at what is now the Mediterranean Sea, a warning of the coming Flood. Later, a large section of crust sinks at Atlantis, wiping out the most advanced civilization in history. Earth’s inhabitants have had their warning!


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